Wee Cria — Ysolda


This sweet little sweater has come full circle. From a photo of a toddler in a 1940s pattern book to one of my most popular designs for women back to a cardigan for little ones. Garter yokes on babes have been cute for generations but Wee Cria is thoroughly up to date featuring the same innovative seamless construction as its big sister: rectangular tabs are worked for each shoulder; stitches are picked up around them and cast on for the neck; and front, back and sleeves are worked down simultaneously.

Instructions are included for slightly puffed short sleeves or full length ones with fold-back cuffs that provide extra growing room. Shaping in the body ensures that there’s plenty of room for well-padded bottoms (and tummies!).

Inset pockets can be worked either to hold a toddler’s tiny treasures or as a cute but fake detail in smaller sizes.

Suggested retail £4.50