Bruntsfield — Ysolda


A v-neck Fair Isle vest with strong lines and traditional ‘x’ and ‘o’ geometric patterns. Bruntsfield is worked from the bottom up in the round. Above the underarm additional steek stitches are added to bridge the gaps at the neck and armholes to avoid working stranded colourwork back and forth. When the knitting is complete these are finished with crochet and cut open, detailed illustrated instructions are included for this process. After cutting the steeks open, stitches are picked up around the armholes and neck and ribbed bands are worked. A crisp angle at the ‘v’ on the neck is created by working mitred decreases.

Bruntsfield is worked in five undyed colours to make the most of the amazing variety of Shetland fleece colours. Selecting colours is one of the most exciting aspects of stranded colourwork and can create incredibly different looks but it can also be challenging. To make planning your own combinations easier a colour in chart and quick reference palette are included.

30¾[34¼, 37¾, 41¼] (44½, 48, 51½) [54¾, 58¼] finished chest circumference.

Suggested retail £6.00