Crockern Tor — Ysolda


A breezy semi-circular shawl in a simple pattern that allows the yarn to breathe and bloom. Two sizes are included, both of which are large enough to wrap comfortably around the shoulders. The larger size has an outer edge longer than a half circle, which creates a beautifully draped ruffled edge and dramatic volume.

Worked from the top down the shaping is created with randomly placed yarn overs which get gradually further apart. In the final section more yarn overs with corresponding decreases are worked to create a more open pattern. The bottom edge is finished with a delicate but simple crochet loop bind-off. If you’ve never crocheted before just a little practice making a chain will equip you with all the skills necessary.

The pattern of yarn overs appears random but, for ease of knitting, is a repeating pattern. Directions are written out and charted — unusually I preferred to work from the written directions for this one.

Suggested retail £4.50