Hikari — Ysolda


A few years ago I pinned an image of a sweater from Oliver Theysken’s FW 2013 Theory collection because I was intrigued by its oddly geometric stitch pattern, but didn’t do anything about it until a few other designers started a discussion how it had been knit on Twitter. Challenge accepted. I stayed up far too late that night swatching, zoomed in on the highest resolution pictures I could find, tracing the paths of the yarn.

In the end I loved what I’d come up with, whether or not it actually matches the original inspiration perfectly or not and filed it away as ‘put this on a cowl someday’. It’s not a particularly complex pattern, but it doesn’t follow the familiar rules of alternating plain and patterned rows. Some of the yarn overs are worked by picking up a strand of yarn from the row below, as for a make one increase, and working into it without twisting. This produces a smaller hole than a yarn over for just a hint of openness without the holes overwhelming the solid areas.

Suggested retail £4.50