Pyukkleen — Ysolda


On a recent trip to Shetland with my bicycle I had to pack everything into two panniers and had promised myself I wouldn’t acquire anything, not even yarn. Ha. After a couple of days slowly riding up the hills with plenty of time to observe the constantly shifting colours of the landscape I couldn’t resist this armful of blues, golds and rich browns. 

A sampler of some of my favourite nought and cross and peerie patterns allow the colours to shine in a subtly shaded pattern, although two colours would be equally effective. Stranded colour work in Aran weight creates a fabulously warm fabric with plenty of body that means the loose cowl can stand up to protect your nose from the wind or be pulled down into attractive gathers. Pyukkleen is an excellent first stranded colour work pattern with its geometric patterns, short floats and lack of steeking.

Suggested retail £4.50