Tom and Jerry — Baby Cocktails


Gorgeous yarn and an addictive cable. You really can’t go wrong. And this YOTH Big Sister is soft and warm and just loves to show off the distinct lines of this interesting cable motif. The pattern was so fun to knit that I had to make two hats instead of just one.

I played a little with the “feet” of the cable and the depth of the ribbing, making a nice deep brim on the slouchy hat and leaving it tiny and delicate on the beanie. A pom works on both, but I wanted one hat with and one without.

The cable is simpler than it looks - it’s just a balance of different crosses making up the assymetric nature of the motif. Altering for width or depth is easily done by adjusting the number of repeats around the hat for width or modifying brim and cable repeats as you work upwards for depth.

Suggested retail £4.00