Wardie — Ysolda


A classic long line cardigan with a deep v-neck and cosy pockets. The back and front are worked separately from the bottom up, which gives structure and allows two layers to be worked on the fronts for the neatly constructed pockets. The wide, relaxed-fit shoulders use an extended version of English tailoring, with all of the shaping at the back. The style is somewhere between a set-in and dropped shoulder with very shallow sleeve caps. The sleeves are worked flat from the top down from stitches picked up around the armhole. The two layers of the front pockets are joined by seaming them to the back and separately worked button band as one.

Can be worked on straight or circular needles.

1290(1410, 1535, 1655, 1785, 1915) [2045, 2175, 2340, 2460, 2635] yds / 1175(1275, 1390, 1500, 1615, 1735) [1850, 1970, 2120, 2230, 2390]m

Suggested retail £7.00